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Event date : 21 Feb,2019

Updated on : 21 Feb,2019

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Description :Awards are a way to encourage good behaviour and inculcate healthy competitive spirit in the students to appreciate and encourage the talents of our children who had participated in various competitions, St. Marys school, Avas Vikas, Moradabad has organised an ‘Award Ceremony’ on 21-02-2019.The aim of this award ceremony is to recognise the extra talents of our children other than academic and motivate fields. Along with this programme, our school has celebrated Feast Day of our blessed Mother Enricheta. The award ceremony commenced by invoking God’s blessings, followed by a welcome dance for our Honourable Chief Guest Sr. Jessy Mathew, Education Council Member. After that, Mrs. Pooja has thrown a light on the life of our blessed Mother Enricheta. through a short speech. Then, students received a medal, a book and Certificate of Honour. Some students received trophy prizes after distribution of prizes; a very motivational speech was delivered by our Chief Guest and Sr. Alice. At last, a vote of thanks was given by Ms. Almas.