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Event date : 19 Mar,2019

Updated on : 19 Mar,2019

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Description :Next to excellence is the appreciation of it 19th March, 2019. St. Mary’s School, Moradabad, witnessed another day of excellence being recognized and praised. After a year’s hard work, students of I – IV were facilitated for their outstanding academic performance. Moreover, it is a well known fact that, school is not just a place of knowledge but also a platform that natures the child in areas of discipline, moral value and their non-scholastic interests. Parents and students were welcomed by Mrs.Roma. She spoke words of appreciation boosting the morale of the students as well as the parents. The feeling to work more hard was instilled in the hearts of each one present there. The medals were presented by our beloved Sr. Sumani as a token of motivation to meritorious students. Class I topper’s name were announced by Mrs. Bharti. Class II topper’s name were announced by Miss. Ashna. Class III topper’s name were announced by Miss. Taranjeet. Class IV topper’s name were announced by Mrs. Eti. The child who has been able to attain a remarkable improvement during the session was congratulated by our principal Sr. Rosamma. Towards the end she extended her gratitude towards the children who did hard work and teachers who made them work hard for their successful growth.