Our Principal

Sr. Jessy Mathews

The New Education Policy; its objectives; are to develop higher order thinking in the young generation, to train them to be part of the solution; to have a clear plan in front; and be committed to make it happen, and to develop a grip on the subject and the domain, and the NEP is expected to transform the lives of millions of Indians.

The world rewards the result, not the effort; as educators need to motivate the young “to be Good Stewards” and become effective and successful. There are a lot of calculations and expectations in the world; here we are called to teach the young “to walk an extra mile”. Kim Hubbard says “If you work for a man for heaven’s sake, works for him”. The people who live by the above philosophy are in demand regardless of age, experience, and academic qualifications. And the world that is wounded and broken; it is a challenge as educators to train the young mind to be “builders and agents of healing”.

Train the young mind to look for the positive, to develop an attitude of gratitude in their hearts; to cultivate the habit to Like and Love things that ought to be done, to develop a win-win attitude and stand on firm values and to develop a philosophy “Do to others what you would not want others to do it for you”.

God bless our efforts in continuing the formative mission of education of the children and youth for a better world.